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Catering service begin within two days of final arrangements for the diet, payment and place of delivery.

The cost and time for deliveries will be negotiate individually.

The time and place of deliveries will be confirmed by e-mail.

Deliveries in Oslo are taking place in the evening (hours for deliveries are dependent on the region in which the address is located)

Every day we provide you with a set of fresh food, prepared from products of the highest quality. We deliver at sundays, tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays.

If necessary, you can suspend deliveries for various reasons - such information must be send two days before the planned delivery.



Meals are served in packaging compatible with all certificate ,hermetically sealed and adapted to be heated in microwave ovens.



You can cancel your agreement for dieta program. The agreement is automatically extended for suspended number of days.Information must be send two days before the planned delivery until 12:00.


Order form

The customer fills out the order form and then receives a return address with the confirmation of order and calculation of the value of the service.

Orders for selected diet programs should be send via e-mail: diet@cathycatering.eu

You are very welcome to ask any questions at our phone number:

+47 96 80 62 72 or +47 96 81 79 43

Making an order is equivalent to signing a contract for catering services from CATHY CATERING DIET (for the time specified in the order form) as evidenced by the completed "ORDER FORM" located in the "ORDER CATHY CATERING DIET"

Delivered to your e-mail confirmation of the order is a binding document guaranteeing full implementation of the service.


Complaints and returns

After contract is signed (ie. After activation of the contract) is not possible to refund money. We only allow the possibility of rewriting the value of the contract to another recipient.


Additional rule

Cathy Catering reserves the right to change the price of the service regardless of the price list on the website. The subscription is a recurring program that starts from a minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of 28 days. It is possible to order a trial diet set for one day, but the price depends on the type of diet, the quantity of meals, and the delivery address.

Adresse: Akershus-Oslo-Baerum
Mobil: 96817943
Mobil: 96806272

org.nr. 999586589
E-Mail: diet@cathycatering.eu

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