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How to get fit with Cathy Catering Diet

  1. Select the right diet for yourself

    Select one of our diets in our order form. Tell us what is your goal, something about your eating habits, health condition, age and physical activity. Thanks to this our dietician will check if the diet you have chosen fits your needs.

  2. Make a commitment and eat only meals prepared by Cathy Catering DIET during your diet.

    Eating between meals can easyli help you gain more weight and load your body with empty calories. In order to make is easier, try these three tricks:
    • Empty your fridge and closets at your home and work from any kind of snacks.
    • Every hour drink a glass of water, preferably with lemon. You can replace water with fresh juices, green tea and all kinds of fruit or herbal teas. Water and fresh juices are vital for healthy diet. Give up coffie, black tea and alcohol.
    • Start your own diet journal. At the first page write how much did you weight and how did you feel before eating with Cathy Catering DIET, and update it every day to see how close you are to your goal.

  3. Enjoy the taste of our meals

    Eat your meals slowly. Delight in every bite you take, distinguish tastes and sate the calories. Focus on your food: don’t read, don’t watch TV during your meal and eat slowly. Research shows that we feel much fuller after the meal if we focus only on food. Remember to eat with at least 3 hour break, so your body has enough time to absorb all the nutrients.

  4. Enjoy your fit silhouette and good mood.

    Keep watching positive changes that occur in your body. Compare your current mood and weight with how you felt and weight before eating with Cathy Catering DIET.

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