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Way we work

Diet consultation

You just need to fill the order form. Based on your answers, our dietician will determine your nutritional needs and will choose right diet plan for you, depending on your lifestyle, gender, health condition, but first of all your goal: losing weight, or simply healthy eating.

Cathy Catering DIET offers all-day feeding with 5 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and supper, or partial feeding (3 chosen meals). We can eliminate products that you don’t tolerate and prepare diet with your personal trainer or doctor instructions.

Our meals are composed with best-quality ingredients. We focus on freshness and quality. We are using spices from around the world, not only because of good taste, but also because of positive influence on human body.
Philosophy of nutrition

Our dietician recommends balanced diet – composed of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, full of vitamins, minerals and roughage – based on a healthy eating pyramid. We also try to use as many products with a low glycemic index as possible.
Our menu is prepared by dietician in consultation with our chief and caloric content of daily set of meals is verified. Because of that you can be sure, that Cathy Catering DIET meals provide you exact amount of calories and nutrients as you need.

Cathy Catering DIET meals are delivered in hermetically sealed disposable packaging, which makes our dishes fresh for a long time. You can easily heat up your dinner or other meal, without taking food out of packaging. Simply remove the foil and put the container into the microwave or regular oven.

We deliver in Oslo. Outside Oslo deliveries are priced individually. Timing and place can be agreed based on your needs. If you need to pause your subscription, you can do this any time. Just tell us about this two days earlier.

For our clients we have prepared two ways of payments: bank transfer or cash. If you want to pay with cash, prepare appropriate amount of money and give it to delivery man on the first delivery day. You pay for your order in advance for whole subscription.

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