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Do you care about your diet? Do you want to lose weight without having special diet? Maybe you just want your everyday meal balanced, without planning and preparing it by yourself?
Try optimal diet!
You don’t eat meat? Are you wondering if vegetarian diet is suitable for you? Maybe you want to take care of your figure, without giving up vegetarian cuisine
Try our vegetarian meals!
Your personal trainer recommended you special diet? Are you allergic to some products? Maybe your child is on a diet and needs to have individual menu? See how we can help you.
Try sport diet!
Complete your goal together with Kroppsforming and become the best version of yourself! We invite you for a free consultation and free 30-minute treatment of one from Our stasjons.

Diet consultation is a complete help in changing your eating habits and also first step towards better lifestyle.

We want to satisfy your individual needs and expectations by offering you professional diet consultation. Contact our dietitian by phone 46269533 or via email office@dietitian.no

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